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At its core, Workrise powers the energy industry through the curation of specialist vendors and highly skilled individuals who tactically execute in the field—accelerating the pace of growth and innovation in the energy sector. With rapid growth came the continuous challenge of needing to prioritize day-to-day feature improvements at the expense of tackling long-term product reinvention based on key insights from its member base.

Free Association brought a multi-disciplinary team to partner directly with cross-functional stakeholders and senior leadership to achieve reinvention for users. The team defined a clear picture of where Workrise needed to go and a plan for how to get there that was not only achievable, but inspiring and defensible to keep everyone pulling in the same direction for the long haul.


  • Northstar Vision & Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Brand Systems & Guidelines
  • UI Libraries
  • Product Leadership

Leveraging customer and stakeholder inputs alongside a series of audits, the team quickly identified key opportunity areas for rapid design exploration—each concept exploring different information architectures & design principles that enable the product to scale with flexibility and cohesion.

Product Brand Harmony

Bringing Product and Brand together to create a relationship where product experience fulfills brand promise, and the symbiotic relationship fuels scale.

Growth & Product Strategy

We designed user acquisition-to-activation funnels to minimize drop-off and evolved features to help shape competitive product moats and increase retention.

Comprehensive UX

We designed for the end-to-end user experience from onboarding through the core app flow, including variations that demonstrated key differences in new user versus active user scenarios.

Roadshow Prototype

To achieve organizational alignment and unlock funding, the vision was brought to life with an interactive prototype and story to showcase the work to leadership and across the company.

“Knowing what could be, what we’d like to be, and what we should work towards was a driving force for us.”

Dorelle Rabinowitz
VP Design

Applying the vision from concept to reality became the next phase—working with stakeholders to update ongoing work into alignment with north star design foundations. We created an iterated MVP and a tactical product roadmap that enabled immediate traction towards realizing the vision.

Flexible & Scalable

From the beginning, core functionality and design decisions were put through robust user and content scenarios to ensure adaptability over time and across user needs. The MVP then became a stress-test for validating the scale of all north star vision principles.

Iterative & Agile

Breaking down the vision into prioritized milestones empowered the team to simultaneously keep up with day-to-day features while making incremental steps forward toward the long-term product vision.

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We’re a fully remote
agency based in the U.S.