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Product design within any organization can be a challenge. Product design that needs to incorporate data visualizations takes that complexity to an entirely different level. We partnered with Credit Karma to widen the creative capacity of its design team with a robust library of data visualization elements. The library and complementary tools arm designers with easy to use charts, graphs and helpful guidance. With these in hand, Credit Karma designers became equipped for efficient experimentation with innovative ways to present data to their users.


  • Data Visual Library
  • Brand & Visual Concepting
  • Brand System & Guidelines
  • Figma Plugin

We built a robust library of data visualization components that slide seamlessly into any Credit Karma application, unlocking creativity and experimentation at scale.

Highly Composable

The components are made to creatively fit within any Credit Karma experience, making no assumptions about their intended surroundings.

Realistic Data

A spectrum of example datasets gave designers the tools they need to depict real-world scenarios for realistic user testing.

Dozens of Variants

Designers can quickly fine-tune data visualizations for their specific needs through purposefully defined variants and nuanced controls.

Consistent Style

Each component has Credit Karma’s brand expertly woven into its visual attributes, focusing designers on outstanding UX instead of color and type.

We developed a custom Figma plugin to quickly guide and educate Credit Karma designers towards appropriate chart usage based on UX intent.

Tightly Integrated

Meeting designers where they are —in their primary design tool— removes the need for documentation sites and external guidelines.

Beyond the Basics

Not limited to simple base components, the plugin supplies pre-configured variants for deeper exploration and contextual usage.

A Menu of Ideas

The plugin encourages designers to try different components that are appropriate for their general UX scenario.

Easy Maintenance

Credit Karma became equipped to manage the contents of the plugin palette right within Figma. No developers required.

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We’re a fully remote
agency based in the U.S.