Free Association
New York
20 Jay Street, Suite 516
Brooklyn, NY 11201

The future is free.

Our name represents the boundless potential of creative freedom and thoughtful experimentation. It reflects our shared spirit of endless curiosity, learning and adaptation.

We’re a humble, tight-knit team that draws energy from big challenges and works hard to make a positive impact in our world.
Years Running
Our company is founded on 20 years of friendship. We support each other like family and build on a foundation of trust, patience and respect.
While our headquarters are based in Brooklyn and Oakland, we're open to remote collaboration and prioritize talent over location.
Referral Rate
We’re proud to say our business is built upon referrals from current and former clients. Good work begets good work.
Average Team Size
Our lean, highly collaborative teams produce rapid and impactful work. We act as an extension of partner teams and scale up when ready.
Awards Showcased
Product success should not be measured by awards. We focus on meeting outcomes, performance metrics and real-world user needs.

We invent elegant, purposeful products and systems that move people and businesses forward.

Through focused disciplines, we build expertise that is shared across our cross-functional product teams.

Strategy & Management

  • Product Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • UX & Market Research
  • Testing & Measurement

Product Design

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Interaction Prototyping
  • Brand Systems & Guidelines

UX Engineering

  • Technical Strategy
  • UX Prototyping
  • UI Component Libraries
  • Web & Native Development
  • Design Tools

Our team shares a set of values that guide how we work, create and live everyday.


Find enjoyment in each day. Bring enthusiasm and courage to each challenge. Never be bored. The journey is the destination, so enjoy the ride.


Hone your craft and gain perspective. Experience a range of design challenges varying in scale, industry, medium and setting. Check your ego and open your mind to many points of view.


Create better ways of working. Embrace complex problems with lateral thinking. Experiment rapidly with a mindset rooted in the scientific process. Keep user needs in view. Heart of an artist, mind of a scientist.


Strive for absolute clarity in thinking, writing and speaking. Be thoughtful, careful, and persistent in your work. Define clear objectives and success measures for client partners, their products and yourself.


Focus and immerse yourself in your work. The best teams push beyond personal pride and work in harmony together towards ambitious outcomes. Collaborate with creativity and humility. Grow and be happy. Focus determines reality.

Join our team.

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New York
20 Jay Street, Suite 516
Brooklyn, NY 11201